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6L Practice Test 2023 - Saskatchewan Motorcycle Practice Test

These quizes will help you learn and familiarize yourself with Road signs and driving rules to help you prepare for the Saskatchewan Motorcycle Test that is required before you can get your Motorcycle driver's license in Province of Saskatchewan. Once confident you can test your knowledge by taking a simulated test where you will be timed and scored. Please note that this is not an ACTUAL TEST. IMPORTANT: The actual test is comprised of two sections (Signs and Rules) each containing 20 questions. You are required to answer 16 questions correctly out of 20 in each section. We would recomend that you also practice the signs section in Vehicle section because they would be same for G1 and 6L.

Test Yourself:

Signs Simulated Test (20 random Questions)
Rules Simulated Test (20 random Questions)
      New question everytime (Scored and Timed)

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