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Yukon 5L License Test

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1 - If you are in an accident with no personal injuries and damages are less than $1000, you shoud?...

2 - What does cumpulsory automobile insurance mean?

3 - How many passengers may you have in a vehicle if you have a Class G1 license?

4 - What if you are a G1 or G2 driver and you have 9 or more demerit points within 2 years?

5 - What do double solid pavement markings mean?

6 - How many days do new Ontario residents have to register their vehicles?

7 - What can give you a suspension or impaired driving charge?

8 - Which of these statements is not true?

9 - High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on provincial highways are reserved for vehicles carrying at least how many passengers?

10 - If driving in fog that becomes very dense, what should you do?

11 - Upon approaching a yield-sign, what does the law require you to do?

12 - What challenges do commercial vehicles have that are dangerous for other vehicles?

13 - What does the round signal with a white vertical line on it represent in the picture?

14 - What should you do when glare from bright sunshine makes seeing difficult?

15 - If you approach an intersection on a main road that is blocked with traffic, what should you do?

16 - What statement is false about driving in the rain?

17 - Under what circumstances a driver is allowed to pass a vehicle on a solid double line road ?

18 - What does vehicle registration include?

19 - What does this hang signal mean?

20 - How much space should you have between you and any vehicle are you following?

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