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Yukon 5L License Test

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1 - How much space should you have between you and any vehicle are you following?

2 - If 3 vehicles are at an all-way stop, who has the right of way?

3 - What should you do if you hit a dear or a moose?

4 - When parking uphill with a curb what should you do?

5 - What can give you a suspension or impaired driving charge?

6 - If there is no median, how far in front and behind a school bus are you required to stop?

7 - What should you do if you have a tire blow-out?

8 - Under what circumstances are cell phones not allowed while driving?

9 - What are your required to do if a police officer signals you to pull over?

10 - Who has the right-of-way in a roundabout?

11 - You must share the road with motorcycles, cyclists, commercial vehicles, pedestrians, farm machinery and buses.

12 - What does the Accessible Parking Permit give you?

13 - What does this hand signal mean?

14 - What is black ice?

15 - When are you required to wear a seatbelt?

16 - Under what circumstances a driver is allowed to pass a vehicle on a solid double line road ?

17 - If there are continuity lines to the right of your vehicle in the lane you are in what must you do?

18 - What vehicle has flashing blue lights that can be seen 150 m away?

19 - Which of the following is correct about seatbelts?

20 - If 2 vehicles come to an uncontrolled intersection at the same time, who has the right-of-way?

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