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Nova Scotia Class 7L License Test

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1 - If driving in fog that becomes very dense, what should you do?

2 - If you are in an accident with no personal injuries, but damages are over $1000, you should?

3 - It is illegal to not stop behind a stopped school bus with alternating flashing red lights. If you do not stop, what can happen?

4 - What are your required to do if a police officer signals you to pull over?

5 - What can give you a suspension or impaired driving charge?

6 - To make a U-turn you must be able to see how far in both directions?

7 - What should you do if your gas pedal sticks?

8 - Coming to a complete stop at an intersection is required, but where do you stop if there is no stop line, crosswalk or sidewalk?

9 - What level must your blood alchohol be if you hold a Class G1 license?

10 - What are passing or climbing lanes for?

11 - How can driver distractions be avoided?

12 - What if you are a G1 or G2 driver and you have 9 or more demerit points within 2 years?

13 - If you approach an intersection on a main road that is blocked with traffic, what should you do?

14 - Which of the following is correct about seatbelts?

15 - Can you make a right turn on a red light?

16 - What do the markings on the road mean and what does the sign represent in the picture?

17 - Can anyone two a trailer with a gross weight of up to 4600 kg?

18 - What do the white markings in this diagram represent?

19 - Under what circumstances are cell phones not allowed while driving?

20 - What should you do if you encounter dangerous whiteout conditions?

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