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New Brunswick Class 6L Motorcycle License Test - Rules

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1 - What are the most common hazards for motorcycle drivers?

2 - Which of the following statements about M1 license conditions is FALSE?

3 - What is the solution to a sudden engine lock?

4 - When seated on a motorcycle at what distance from the ground should the rider?s feet be?

5 - How do properly adjusted mirrors help the motorcyclist?

6 - Sand and gravel commonly impair driving

7 - If your front tire blows out, you must:

8 - What is the most effective way to avoid collisions?

9 - Which of the following is not a primary control important for the operation of the motorcycle?

10 - Motorcyclists should ensure that their passenger?

11 - Threshhold braking helps when:

12 - Where is the front brake located on the motorcycle?

13 - Passengers are allowed to ride with drivers carrying which of the following licences?

14 - What is the purpose served by the throttle?

15 - What is the shortest possible time period required to obtain a full M licence?

16 - When turning left or right, the best blocking position would be:

17 - The standard signal for help for a stopped motorcycle is

18 - Before making a left turn from a one-way street, you should be

19 - Which motorcycle parts should be checked on a weekly basis?

20 - How does fatigue affect a motorcyclist's ability to drive safely?

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