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Alberta Class 6L Motorcycle License Test - Rules

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1 - In order to discourage others on the road from attempting to share the right lane, in what part of the lane should the motorcyclist drive?

2 - When seated on a motorcycle at what distance from the ground should the rider?s feet be?

3 - Passengers are allowed to ride with drivers carrying which of the following licences?

4 - What is the purpose served by the throttle?

5 - Which of the following is essential at all times for all motorcycle riders?

6 - How do properly adjusted mirrors help the motorcyclist?

7 - What must a motorcyclist do prior to a lane change?

8 - Which of the following will result in the issuing of an M2 licence with an M condition?

9 - With an M2 licence, you may drive a limited-speed motorcylce on:

10 - Which of the following statements about M1 license conditions is FALSE?

11 - Threshhold braking helps when:

12 - Which motorcycle parts should be checked on a weekly basis?

13 - What is the minimum amount of tire tread you should have on your motorcycle tires?

14 - Sand and gravel commonly impair driving

15 - Which of the following effectively helps prevent unwanted acceleration?

16 - How should your feet be when on a motorcycle?

17 - Which of the following must be with a motorcyclist at all times while driving?

18 - When you are faced with a red traffic signal and your intention is to go straight through the intersection, what must you do first?

19 - On passing the M1 exit test while using a limited speed motorcycle what category of M2 license does one receive?

20 - Before making a left turn from a one-way street, you should be

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